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A Fine Art Restorer is responsible for repairing damage to artwork such as paintings, murals, sculptures, ceramics, textiles, paper works, books, and other cultural objects or historical artifacts. Most of the art for this position will have fire damage and most often the projects will require research to determine the best course of action to take, particularly with antiques and other valuable works where the original should not be changed in any way.

Fine Art Restorer Duties & Responsibilities

The Fine Art Restorer will primarily be restoring artwork damaged from fires.  Other duties may apply but are not limited to the following:

  • Examining, studying and treating artworks
  • Performing conservation treatments to the highest standards
  • Developing and maintaining standards for storing, handling, installing, packing, and shipping of artworks
  • Collaborating with scientists, department colleagues, and others on complex projects
  • Publishing and presenting research

Education, Training & Certification Requirements

  • Education: At least a Bachelor’s Degree in Art Conservation from an accredited University is required
  • Apprenticeship: Will have concluded all necessary Apprenticeship requirements studying under a Master Art Restorer
  • Experience:  Will have at least three year’s of relative work experience; a specialization/concentration in art restoration from fires is required
  • Background:  A Background in Chemistry will be required in order to restore the fine art paintings from fires

Fine Art Restorer Skills & Competencies

In addition to education and training, soft skills like the ones that follow can help you stand out in your job:

  • Passion: A passion for the art to be restored is necessary. Any halfhearted or indifferent attempt at restoration shows.
  • Detail-oriented: Being meticulous, detail-oriented, and patient are required.
  • Specific materials skills: Necessary skills vary according to the restoration project, too. Restoring a 19th-century painting requires a chemistry background and an in-depth knowledge of oil paints and canvas while restoring a medieval woven tapestry requires specific knowledge of textiles and historical methods and materials.

Work Schedule

This is a Full Time position where you can expect to work five days a week.


  • $50k – $100k salary
  • Company Benefits
  • Relocation Assistance to Houston, TX provided
Employment Type
Full Time
Job Location
Houston, TX, USA
Base Salary
$ 50000 - $ 100000
Date posted
September 27, 2019
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Position: FINE ART RESTORER - Houston, TX

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