Position title
PT Industrial Service & Cleaning Technician ($18 - $20/Hour)

Part-Time Industrial Service & Cleaning Technician at Local Paper Mill in Canton, NC. Looking for someone to clean our client's facility. Approximately 10-20 hours a week (can be flexible)

Can be flexible hours: daytime, evening, night time, weekend.

What You Would Be Doing: Spray chemical on the floors and rinse with water into the drains – 90% of the time. Running an auto floor scrubber and some light plumbing repair would be part of it as well.

Ideal Candidates:

Perfect for a person with flexible work or school schedule, that is physically capable of, and doesn’t mind medium duty work in a hot, dirty, semi-loud environment that is looking to supplement their income.

Also Ideal candidates may be a current manufacturing employee that work a swing shift somewhere else, college students (must be 18), firemen or policemen (flex schedules and unfortunately need to supplement their incomes), potential retirees that retired early in life and are still very physically capable of physical work and enjoy manual labor.

If this is what you're looking and are the right person, please let us know today!

Employment Type
Chemicals, Manufacturing
Job Location
Canton, NC, USA
Date posted
August 4, 2021
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